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Monthly wrap-up – March 2018

During March, I read:

Nine of the fourteen novels I had planned to plus two more Agatha Christie audiobooks.

Death on the Nile is a great story, but unfortunately some of David Suchet’s narration is a little uneven: most of his characters are great but his Colonel Race is a bit farcical.

Cat Among The Pigeons is a good story, with great narration from Hugh Fraser, but I’d forgotten that Poirot doesn’t actually turn up until nearly three-quarters of the way through! Fortunately the other characters and the plot keep it ticking over nicely.

Highlights included:

I also started a new series, Putting a Face to the Name and had a lot of fun discussing how I imagine the characters in some of my favourite books.

Happy Easter, everyone, and here’s to more #booklove in April!

6 thoughts on “Monthly wrap-up – March 2018

  1. Do you think it is better to listen to some novels than read them? Just wondering as I’ve never tried listening to an audio book version of a story but see a lot of people these days doing it with particular authors or series.


    1. Personally, I am better at taking in information in writing than by hearing it, so I’ve been using audiobooks on my commute or when I’m cleaning etc to catch up on books I’ve read before or know the basic plot from TV adaptations to reacquaint myself with the details. So, for me, they’re perfect for catching up on the Christie classics that I’ve been working my way through but I’m not sure I’d enjoy a brand new story as much. I think I’d find it more difficult to follow somehow, and keep having to rewind it because I’ve got distracted and missed something! What I have noticed is that the narrator is VERY important. Hugh Fraser is brilliant: he can sound like anyone and really brings the characters to life. Others can be a bit distracting. 🙂


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