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Sleight Malice by Vicki Tyley

Sleight MaliceSleight Malice by Vicki Tyley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sleight Malice is the second in Vicki Tyley’s series of stand-alone thrillers, set in Melbourne, Australia. Following her recent separation from cheating husband, Trent, website designer Desley James, has been leaning on best friend, Laura, for support. After waving Laura off home after a wine-filled girls’ night in, Desley is woken in the middle of the night by sirens, in time to witness her best friend’s house burning to the ground. If that isn’t enough, there is no sign of Laura or her boyfriend, Ryan; only the charred body of a unidentified man. Frustrated by the local police’s lack of progress, Desley starts to investigate, aided by new client and PI, Fergus Coleman. Soon enough, Desley knows she’s searching in the right direction when her house is broken into and her own life is threatened…

Vicki Tyley has written another corker! Sleight Malice is a modern, complex, multi-layered mystery which deals its twists and turns skilfully. The plot is enhanced by good dialogue, a little romance and some sprinklings of humour. Whenever you might think you’ve worked it all out or guessed what’s coming next, know for sure that you have not – there is an ocean-full of red herrings on offer here! The story is quite dark in places, is structured well and builds cleverly to a tense climax. I was reading through the last few dozen pages at double speed, desperate to find out what happened next; and it was well worth the wait. I would whole-heartedly recommend this book to all mystery and thriller fans. Reviewed by Julia for Readers’ Favorite.

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