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Cherringham – Murder on Thames (Cherringham: Mystery Shorts Book 1) by Matthew Costello & Neil Richards

Murder on Thames (Cherringham, #1)Murder on Thames by Matthew Costello

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cherringham “A Cosy Crime Series” is a joint writing project by US-based novel and games writer, Matthew Costello, and UK-based producer and writer, Neil Richards, to produce 12 mystery novellas over a year, based in the fictional English town of the title, in the Cotswolds. Murder on Thames is the first instalment and introduces the reader to ex-NYPD homicide cop, Jack Brennan, now widowed and retired across the pond to a canal barge in Cherringham, and to Sarah Edwards, single mum of two – thanks to her adulterous ex-husband – and web designer in the nice but, to date, dull town. When a body is found in the Thames’ weir, Sarah is shocked to discover that it was her childhood best friend, Sammi. Unable to believe the formal explanation that Sammi committed suicide, Sarah starts to ask her own questions, and fortunately finds herself an experienced detective to help…

I really enjoyed reading Cherringham Murder on Thames and have already bought the second instalment in the series, Mystery at the Manor. Matthew Costello and Neil Richards have written an entertaining mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders and Murder, She Wrote. Although “cosy”, the story is not twee or soppy; it is modern and has the right mix of exposition and excitement. Cherringham itself is well described, as were its residents, and I warmed to both lead characters. The mystery was well-plotted and effective. I will definitely be reading more of the Cherringham series and recommend this book to most modern cosy crime fans. For Readers’ Favorite.

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