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A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys (Tammy Cohen)

A Dangerous Crossing

England, September 1939 Lily Shepherd boards a cruise liner for a new life in Australia and is plunged into a world of cocktails, jazz and glamorous friends. But as the sun beats down, poisonous secrets begin to surface. Suddenly Lily finds herself trapped with nowhere to go…  Australia, six-weeks later The world is at war, the cruise liner docks, and a beautiful young woman is escorted onto dry land in handcuffs. What has she done?

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Loved it, loved it, loved it! I must admit that, from the cover and the blurb, I was expecting something more like Death on the Nile – a closed-circle whodunit – but, although it is not, I was certainly not disappointed.

A Dangerous Crossing is a rich and compelling treat: like slipping in to a warm bubble bath accompanied by a single malt and a box of dark chocolates. It is full of luxurious and decadent 1930s detail, bringing the five-week sea voyage from England to Australia bursting to life. The characters and the exotic locations are beautifully described, the tensions and emotions totally realistic and the simmering undercurrents of mystery lead to a surprising conclusion. I sincerely hope there is more to come!

Thank you to #TBConFB and Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read this ARC.

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