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The Midnight Peacock (The Sinclair’s Mysteries 4) by Katherine Woodfine

The Mystery of the Midnight Peacock (The Sinclair's mysteries #4)

You are cordially invited to Sinclair’s Midnight Peacock Ball! The festive season has come to Sinclair’s and Sophie and Lil are spending the holidays at snowy Winter Hall. But it turns out that this is no ordinary house party …As sinister secrets come to light, our intrepid heroines find themselves faced with a more baffling mystery than ever before! With the help of their friends, can they uncover the truth in time to foil a truly diabolical plot? Or will Mr Sinclair’s New Year’s Eve Midnight Peacock Ball spell disaster for the dauntless young detectives? Prepare for shocks and surprises in the thrilling conclusion to the Sinclair’s Mysteries!

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I have absolutely adored this four-book series from Katherine Woodfine. Sophie and Lil and their capable band of associates are all great, well-developed characters and I loved the way they kept popping up throughout the various adventures. The descriptions of Edwardian London and a country house – the food, the clothes, the luxuries – are all rich and vivid in detail. The story is incredibly exciting and I was absolutely racing through the last few chapters to find out what happened at the end.

I was really impressed with how cleverly the whole series had been plotted. The structure reminded me a little of the Harry Potter books: each one on its own was a good story, but there were elements in each book that came together at the end to explain some of the wider mysteries. I would definitely recommend reading these books in order.

I know some of the wider story arcs have been wrapped up now but there are still questions outstanding so I hope this is not the last we see of Sohpie and Lil as I have really enjoyed my time at Sinclair’s! There is potential here for many more adventures and I certainly look forward to reading them.

With thanks to NetGalley and Egmont Publishing for the ARC of The Midnight Peacock.

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