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#BookReview Now You See (Detective Dan Fenton #1) by Max Manning #NowYouSee @maxmanningcrime @Headlinepg #NetGalley


On the streets of London, a vicious killer is using social media to turn murder into entertainment . . . I, Killer has posted two photos of his first victim online – Before Death and After Death. They’ve gone viral before DCI Fenton’s team even discovers the body. Soon, another victim’s photo is similarly posted . . . and so begins the killer’s following. DCI Fenton is determined to discover the identity of I, Killer before another innocent life is claimed. Then the case takes a dark turn, and Fenton’s search becomes a matter of life or death for him and his young daughter. But as I, Killer’s body-count rises, his number of online followers is growing – and he loves to give his fans what they want . . .

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Now You See is a thrillingly modern serial killer mystery and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Max Manning’s debut is shockingly gruesome, well-written and cleverly plotted. To start with I didn’t know where the plot was going, then I was sure I did, then I was proven wrong, then I thought I had it again…but there was still a final revelation to come!

The characters are well-rounded and believable; many of them were likeable (although Tess was a bit of a brat!) but I was surprised that Fenton did not play quite as big a role as I thought he would, given the blurb.

I did have to suspend disbelief at a couple of points, but I’m always happy to do this for an entertaining story, and this story plays out really well: the plot is good, the thrills keep coming and the twists were surprising. I would definitely read more from Max Manning.

Thank you to NetGalley and Headline for the ARC of Now You See.

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