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#BookReview CROSS HER HEART by Sarah Pinborough #CrossHerHeart @SarahPinborough @HarperCollinsUK @HarperFiction @KillerReads #NetGalley

36098733‘Cross my heart and hope to die…’ 

Promises only last if you trust each other, but what if one of you is hiding something? A secret no one could ever guess.

Someone is living a lie. Is it Lisa? Maybe it’s her daughter, Ava. Or could it be her best friend, Marilyn?

You’ll just have to wait to find out…

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Sarah Pinborough has done it again: Cross Her Heart is a masterpiece; an incredible journey that’s more twisty and turny than the Tasmanian Devil doing The Twist on the Waltzers during an earthquake.

Initially though I admit I was unsure – the early part of the book felt similar to several others I’ve read recently and I thought I knew where it was going so I was a little disappointed, but – give it a few chapters and then BAM! Pinborough is truly a Grade-A expert in pulling the rug out from under the reader.

You need to know as little as possible about the plot and, to be honest, I would even try to avoid the synopsis that’s on Amazon (the one above is taken from NetGalley and Goodreads). All you really need to know is that this is a thrilling, shocking and heartbreaking rollercoaster of a story; I read most of it with my stomach clenched in anxiety and was pretty close to tears at some points.

This is an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone who likes a dark and serious psychological mystery thriller. Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction for the ARC of Cross Her Heart and thank god for Sarah Pinborough!

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6 thoughts on “#BookReview CROSS HER HEART by Sarah Pinborough #CrossHerHeart @SarahPinborough @HarperCollinsUK @HarperFiction @KillerReads #NetGalley

  1. I read 13 Minutes by her and really enjoyed it, though I disliked all of the characters. It was a great book and you are right, she is very talented. I didn’t know she had another book out. I will be picking this one up soon 🙂 Great review!

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