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Tell her all your secrets and she’ll tell you all her lies… Everything in Lorna’s life runs like clockwork, from her 6 a.m. morning run to the strict 60-minute counselling sessions she gives. It’s the only way she can deal with the terrible secret she carries. When a new client arrives for his first appointment, Lorna feels her perfect life unravel in a matter of seconds. It’s Andrew, the man she’s spent the last year desperately trying to forget. It seems he can’t forget her either…Against her better judgement she anonymously contacts him on a dating site. Messaging him could mean the end of her marriage and her career, but she needs to know if his motives are genuine. When Andrew is found dead in his home, grief quickly turns to fear when messages from him continue to arrive on Lorna’s phone. Somebody knows her secret and wants to use it to destroy everything she has. Will she risk her family and her sanity to keep her secret? Will she risk her life…?

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Tell Me A Secret is a very cleverly-plotted and tense psychological thriller.

It starts with a shocking prologue, leaving you full of questions, and gets off to a cracking start. I wasn’t that keen on Lorna as a character – but that is not a criticism – she is extremely well-written, just not a great human being! Some of the other characters are deliberately difficult to get a handle on and I really did suspect everyone of something at one point or another!

Unfortunately, this is one of those instances – that seem to be becoming more and more common – where I think the blurb gives too much away. I would have preferred not to know quite so much about the plot as was given. I think this may have contributed to my feeling that the middle of the book was a little slow. The beginning is excellent and the ending is superb but I did notice a difference around the mid-point.

That said, it is an absolute humdinger of a conclusion, with revelations flying in from all over the place and one genuine, literal jaw-dropping, head-scratching moment of “WTF, I now need to go back and read this again”. If you like your psychological thrillers to be dark, brooding and complex with a twist then this is the book for you!

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC of Tell Me A Secret.

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