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#BookReview CLOSE TO HOME (DI Adam Fawley #1) by Cara Hunter #CloseToHome @CaraHunterBooks @PenguinUKBooks #Crime #Thriller #mystery


Last night, eight-year-old Daisy Mason disappeared from a family party. No one in the quiet suburban street saw anything – or at least that’s what they’re saying.

DI Adam Fawley is trying to keep an open mind. But he knows the nine times out of ten, it’s someone the victim knew.

That means someone is lying… And that Daisy’s time is running out.

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Okay, so I have two confessions to make: 1) I did not originally think this book would be for me because I was a bit fatigued by the ‘missing child’ trope at the time; and 2) once I did realise what a huge mistake passing this book over was, I promptly went and read the second in the series first (I know!) 😮 Never mind, never mind, I have rectified this now and will at least be reviewing them in the right order. 🙂

Close to Home is as far from a clichéd missing child story as you can get. This is a unique, gripping and chilling take on the subject and Cara Hunter‘s writing is brilliant. I was immediately hooked into the story and the inclusion of the social media posts and interview transcripts brings a great realism to the book and shakes up the genre.

I had so many feelings during this book! About Daisy, about her family, about DI Fawley, his team and his personal situation… It is a rollercoaster of both revelations and emotions: shock, anger, anxiety, disbelief and surprise. However, Fawley does have quite a sardonic tone so some of his narration serves to lighten the dark mood every now and again.

There are a lot of police procedurals on the market at the moment and many are very good – this series is something particularly special: well written, original, thrilling and compelling, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I will be reviewing book 2, In The Dark, shortly, and am very fortunate to have been given an ARC of book 3, No Way Out, and cannot wait to get back to Thames Valley CID asap!

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2 thoughts on “#BookReview CLOSE TO HOME (DI Adam Fawley #1) by Cara Hunter #CloseToHome @CaraHunterBooks @PenguinUKBooks #Crime #Thriller #mystery

  1. I really like the sound of this one and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed book 1 and 2. I am currently following about 3-4 cop procedural series but I still can’t resist adding another 1 especially if its good. Great review!

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