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#BookReview Catfished by Stella Bixby #Catfished @StellaBixby #NetGalley


Rylie’s life has hit a serious snag. Cheated on, lied to, and suddenly homeless and unemployed, her entire world has capsized. All that’s left to do is cut line, start over, and move into her parents’ basement…temporarily. Bring on the boomerang jokes. The perfect solution to all of her problems could be a job as an urban park ranger—whatever that is. But finding a dead body stuck in a catfish trap on her first shift leaves her wondering if she’s waded in a little too deep. If it wasn’t for the appearance of Luke Hannah—the lead investigator on the case and her first love—she may have cut her losses and returned to the help wanted ads. But now Rylie is determined to prove herself…in more ways than one. When the authorities pin the murder on the wrong man, Rylie casts out to catch the real killer and clear the innocent man’s name—at the risk of losing her job or even becoming catfish bait herself.

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Catfished is a quick and lively, lighthearted mystery, in a similar vein to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, and a good introduction to Rylie Cooper, newbie summer park ranger in Colorado.

Rylie is your typical cozy heroine: temporarily out of work, newly out of a relationship, back living with her parents accompanied by her pet, with a potential new (old) love interest on the scene and a knack for finding trouble.

Whilst the mystery side of the story is sound, it is not particularly complex; I did guess whodunit and thought Rylie could have been a bit quicker on the uptake! That said, the story is fun, Rylie is amusing and I would be happy to read more about her (and Shayla and Luke)! I think this is a promising start to the series.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of Catfished.

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