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GUESS WHO. A waitress. A cleaner. An actress. A lawyer. A student. Everyone is a suspect. WHERE In a locked room – with no escape, and no idea how they got there. WHAT In the bathtub, the body of a man they all knew. Someone murdered him. Someone in this room. WHY They have three hours to find out. Or they all die. THE RULES ARE SIMPLE. THE GAME IS NOT

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Guess Who is a highly enjoyable and original thriller, a fun whodunit and a literal locked-room mystery.

“Kidnapping six people. To make a murder puzzle. What are we missing?”

The minute I read the synopsis I knew I had to get my hands on this book! I love (amongst other things) a closed-circle whodunit and you don’t get much more closed-circle than a single room! It’s like a deranged, half-finished game of Cluedo: you know where the crime was committed and you know what sort of weapon was used but you do not know the culprit. And whereas normally the worst thing that can happen is that someone gets fed up and upends the Cluedo board, here the stakes are a little bit higher.

From the blurb, I’d initially been expecting something a bit more like Saw but, although there is some blood spilled and there are some genuinely creepy moments that reminded me of Hangman and A Snowball In Hell (and, at one point, Die Hard – you’ll know it when you get to it), it is less torture dungeon and more murder mystery – which was fine by me.

The set-up was clearly described and I could vividly see the room and the characters in my mind. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and following the clues scattered about the story. The book is cleverly plotted and there are surprising twists and revelations throughout, including some eye-opening flashbacks. The solution creeps up on you but it is not obvious and is a sound solution.

If you are willing to suspend your disbelief – which, as I’ve said before, I can always do for a good story – and, despite being left with a couple of questions at the end, I can highly recommend this bonkers and compelling (in equal measure!) mystery thriller.

Thank you to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for the ARC of Guess Who.

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