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Tackling #MountTBR – NA (NetGalleyholics Anonymous) @NetGalley #NetGalley

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Hello, my name is Julia and I am a NetGalleyholicNoun A bookworm addicted to requesting books from NetGalleyIt has been one day since my last request…

(Tell Me A Secret by Samantha Hayes in case you were wondering).

I have been very fortunate to receive some amazing books from publishers to review before publication day and I am grateful for each and every one. However, I got a bit carried away when I first joined NetGalley and still now have a spectacular backlog. Having touched on this with Janel @ Keeper of Pages, I thought I’d write a post about how I’m tackling this. (Y’know, not that I’m procrastinating and not reading the bloody books or anything…)


NetGalley 100 reviews badgeDuring the last (almost) two years I have been approved to read 191 (at time of writing) ARCs. I have reviewed (or given feedback if the book was not for me) 123 of them. I was both chuffed and proud when I got my 100 reviews badge. According to my NetGalley profile, therefore, I still have 68 currently outstanding.

So, how am I going to tackl- Hang on, what?

Actually, now I’m panicking. 68? Why then are there only 67 NetGalley books on my “Book review TBR spreadsheet”?! Yes, I have a spreadsheet; I am a #booknerd. A colour-coded spreadsheet in fact. Look, a snippet:

TBR spreadsheet snapshot smaller 40.jpgWhenever I receive a book, I add it to The Spreadsheet, entering the title, source (NetGalley, Blog Tour organiser, Author, other), date to be read by (publication date or Blog Tour stop), the Kindle locations (so I can judge how long I’ll need to read it – roughly one hour per 1000 locations) and the synopsis.

A red row means the publication date has passed (sorry!), a light green one means the date is yet to come, dark green is a priority read (personal preference) and purple is for Blog Tours.

(Aha! Mystery solved: the 68th book is one for which a publisher sent an email offering a place on a Blog Tour; I clicked for more info about the book; and it took me straight to a NetGalley approval page and added the book to my “Start reading” shelf to be downloaded! I don’t even know what it’s about yet!)

I realise that this has all got a bit #FirstWorldBookwormProblems, but it’s just a bit of fun 🙂



So, how I’m tackling it:

#1 – Organisation: (Did you see the spreadsheet?!) I’m chaotic in many ways, but I love a list.

#2 – Ruthless culling: A little while ago I managed to streamline my NetGalley “Give Feedback” shelf a bit. I looked at the existing reviews for all the books I had to read and for any where the feedback was not so good or said ‘this book was meant to be X but it was actually Y’, or similar, I said thanks but no thanks in my feedback to the publisher and cleared it from my shelf. That only removed a handful but it was a start.

#3 – Resisting temptation: I have also seriously cut down on the number of books I request. From being like a kid in a sweet shop at first (or, to be fair, like me in a sweet shop) clicking on everything that took my fancy, I have limited myself to favourite authors or books that hit my reading sweet spot. #HonestlyNotObsessedWithSweets

I still feel really behind though. In April, I actually managed to keep up with and finish any book that was scheduled for release or a Blog Tour but, come to May and not only did every book ever seem to be coming out in May, but six (SIX!), including a Goodreads giveaway win, were coming on out 3 May. Why? Plus a seventh on 2 May. I managed to read the latter and two of the former in time but I have not yet read the rest. Which leads me to…

#4 – Chilling out: Even if I miss a publication day, I hope that it doesn’t matter. If I get to the book eventually, surely it’s just as positive to be shouting about a book after the initial fuss and publicity has died down and perhaps appealing to someone who ‘didn’t trust the hype’ and may have forgotten about the book in the meantime? I hope so anyway, because I still have 34 NetGalley books on my TBR from before 2018 and 14 from earlier this year. (Not to mention the three that are due out today…)

I have yet to try #5 – Cold turkey, because a) I love reading and b) I also have chronic FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)…it’s a sickness!

So, that is my NetGalley plan for now. Next time I’ll be trying to tackle my own Paperback and Hardback #MountTBRs.


Agh, even now I can’t stop obsessively clicking the little green logo on my browser Favourites…just in case an amazing new book has been added to the Mystery & Thrillers category in the last 20 seconds!

Save me…!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share any tips below. x

18 thoughts on “Tackling #MountTBR – NA (NetGalleyholics Anonymous) @NetGalley #NetGalley

  1. This post is me – without the being so organised in thinking of ways to tackling the tbr haha!!Love it! I need to take some of your hints and use them, otherwise I fear I’ll never be able to visit the NetGalley site again without alarm bells going off!!!

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  2. Wow that is one heck of a spread sheet! Very impressed. Also impressed by how many books took your fancy on net gallery. Having slightly narrower crime fiction interests has made it easier for me to tackle review copy reads – though I do have a handful I need to get round to reviewing.
    So yes definitely in awe of your netgallery figures. Then again I have only used netgallery for the first time today, posting my first review there. Don’t think I’ll be reaching your kind of numbers any time soon lol

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  3. I love this post! I found once I stopped worring about publication dates, I was much calmer. I love your spreadsheet – I though I was organised with a dedicated shelf on Goodreads just for Netgalley books, haha! I think you should definitely do an update post in the future so we can see how you’re getting on. And congrats on getting the 100 reviews badge, I’m 7 books away from mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Janel! I have a GR shelf for NG but use it more as a record of what I have read rather than to come – I should probably add there at the same time as the spreadsheet. I will do an update post and keep my fingers crossed that my feedback ration hasn’t gone down! Good luck with your 100 reviews badge. x

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  4. I am a fan of a nice spreadsheet and have one for my own reading purposes, particularly to plan for Reading Challenges. If I were you I’d go for a one in, one out policy to stop your TBR getting any bigger, or even a one in, two out policy to start reducing it – but I know from experience that takes discipline.

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  5. Oh my gosh, Love this post! I also have FOMO and I’m very impressed with your spreadsheet. I also have “temptation” issues with NG. I am working on getting my shelf read and I’ll be happy when I earn the 100 badge (around 20 more I think).

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