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#BookReview PRESSURE by Betsy Reavley #Pressure @BetsyReavley ‏@Bloodhoundbook #NetGalley

39837530When the submarine departed, none of the ten people on board knew it would turn into a nightmare. Trapped on the sunken vessel and unable to escape, one of them is discovered dead. The tension escalates as the survivors realise there is a murderer among them, who is preparing to strike again and again… With mounting desperation, people begin to turn on each other. While they struggle to identify who is responsible, each must contend with their own past and the secrets they are hiding. But who is who?  And which of them will be next to die?

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Pressure is a bold, clever and claustrophobic psychological thriller and I really enjoyed it.

First of all: a closed-circle whodunit AND people being bumped off one by one by an unseen killer – two of my favourite tropes!

Second of all: floor plan!


I loved this and it did really help me to visualise the story as it played out.

“Who are you, Hercule fucking Poirot?”

Pressure has the feel and set-up of a classic murder mystery but with some extremely modern themes running through it. I’m not going to say anything more about the plot than is in the blurb because I thoroughly enjoyed finding out for myself who and what everyone was and how they came to be there.

I very much liked the book’s structure: scenes from the present day – the current panicked situation on the submarine – interspersed with flashbacks to get to know each one of the characters. The short chapters and the increasing tension make this a very fast paced read and perfectly suited to finishing in one nail-biting sitting.

The story is pretty gruesome throughout and the ending is both twisted and shocking. I highly recommend Pressure. I have had Betsy Reavley’s The Optician’s Wife on my Kindle for a while now and will definitely be bumping it up the TBR.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bloodhound Books for the ARC of Pressure.

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