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Monthly wrap-up – June 2018 (Tackling #MountTBR – NA Episode IV: NetGalleyholics Anonymous – A New Hope)

During June, I read:

It was my plan this month to try to clear some of my creaking NetGalley shelf. And, in one sense, it was a success, I read five cracking NG books (as well as some others). In another, it was a complete failure as I added 14 (yes, FOURTEEN!) to my shelf in the same period. I told you it was a sickness!!

So, as long as we accept that I have a chronic case, then this was a worthwhile exercise! I did (mostly) discover some great books during this month:

  • S.T.A.G.S. – a great YA mystery thriller by M.A. Bennett;
  • A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena – not my favourite this month but ok and I’m still looking forward to her new release;
  • You Don’t Know Me – an eye-opening and thought-provoking high-concept mystery by Imran Mahmood;
  • The Breakdown by B.A. Paris – a cracking psychological thriller;
  • The Roanoke Girls – a twisted, suffocating, compelling mystery by Amy Engel.

I also read:

  • The INCREDIBLE Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh;
  • The of-its-time Keep it Quiet by Richard Hull;
  • A Shot in the Dark by Lynne Truss. I have mixed feelings about this one and will be reviewing this week;
  • Technically, currently still reading Ruth Ware’s The Death of Mrs Westaway and enjoying it so far!

I also listened to the BBC’s latest Charles Paris adaptation, Dead Room Farce, re-listened to the Beeb’s dramatisation of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and listened to the audiobook of Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. All good stuff.

Other highlights for me were:

It was my birthday! And I was lucky enough to get a birthday #bookhaul:


I was also lucky enough to have the Foo Fighters play me an intimate little gig, just for my special day… 😉

It was also my mum’s birthday and I bought her some books I’ve loved that I thought she would enjoy also:

The bunnies had a good chill in the #heatwave:


I was allegedly Steve Cavanagh’s favourite ‘juror’ on the Thirteen blog tour 🙂

AND I reached 100 followers right here on JuliaPalooza! Thank you to everyone who’s followed my waffle!


Here’s to more #booklove in July!

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